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Meet betterair Biotica800 New super powers.

Betterair Biotica800 enviro-biotics are dispersed throughout your home creating a protective shield that purifies and protects your indoor air, objects, and surfaces from the harmful pollutants that make you sick and compromise your immune system. Betterair Biotica800 is proactive, eliminating harmful pathogens & allergens from your indoor environment while preventing them from resettling.
FreshAirWave, a division of Gamma Tech, is the exclusive representative of Betterair for the marine industry. We specialize in environmental conditioning technology for the marine industry, for improving the healthiness of air and surfaces in enclosed spaces.  Biotica800 by Betterair, it is 100% Organic & Natural uses aerosol probiotics to actively combat airborne and surface pathogens, bringing the interior spaces into a healthy balanced microbiome.

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Powered by nature

Betterair Biotica800
The only Air, object & surface purifier

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Powered by nature

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Indoor Air is 5 Times more polluted

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Biotica800® Money-Back Guarantee
Feel the results within a few weeks or your money back with our 60 Day guarantee
Made Safe
betterair’s Environmental Probiotics are MADE SAFE® certified
Parent Tested, Parent Approved
Biotica800® received the PTPA certified seal of approval
Sensitive Choice
Certified by the National Asthma Council Australia
Allergy Friendly Product
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